• Christina Peña

Break the Mold.

I constantly talk a big game about changes I want to see in our industry. One big one is breaking the stereotypes of who can play what role. 

Where does it say that Adeliede must be a size 2?

Where does it say that Mary must be caucasian?

Where does it say that Sonny must be male?

Change is hard for some people. 

When I talk about changes that I want to see, I have read the script, analyzed the story line, watched productions. I try to be the most informed I can. You shouldn’t say I think Sonny should be a girl because I want to play it. 

That’s not how this works.

You say “Coming from a cultural standpoint, I think it would be interesting if Sonny was a girl. There is a dynamic where she could be a lesbian chola that is teaching Usnavi to talk to women.”

Making an educated, informed choice will draw people in. 

Changing parts of a show shouldn’t just be for shock value. But people do it. 

I am sure you have seen the productions that claim colorblind casting but only have 1 person of color. 

Or the shows that have talked about casting a female in a traditionally male lead but never made the switch because of how it would make the woman look bad. 

These choices should not be made as a marketing tool to get people interested in your show. Use the choices to help your show and make a statement.

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