• Christina Peña

Let's Chat!

Y'all! 2020 is here.

As the new year approached, I spent many nights thinking about the next steps of my life, my career, the acting world as a whole. 

What is next?

2019 was about discovering me and my opinions. It was about fully realizing who I want to be as an artist. I had no idea at this point last year, that this is where I would end up. I am forever grateful of 2019 and ready for the future. 

I have a teacher, who has recently challenged my community to discover our theme of 2020. A phrase to create action, drive, and purpose. 

Let’s Chat! 

I want to have open, uncomfortable, fun, interesting dialogues. I want to be there to listen when others speak. And I want to put the information I find out into the world for all to hear. 

I feel that in our business the words “let’s chat” are thrown around, a lot. I am guilty of it. If you see someone in an audition and just don’t have time, I bet you have said “Let’s grab coffee and catch up.” Or running down the street, late for work and you see an old friend. I bet you have shouted “Hey! Text me and we can talk.” We are all guilty of it.


I am challenging myself, and you, if you’d like to join, to follow though. 

Let’s make 2020 all about the conversations.

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