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They Can Say That...

If you know me or even if you a just reading my blog for the first time, then you can probably figure out that I love theater. I love every aspect, from lights, to set design, from costuming to auditioning. It all excites me in the way of a very long sugar rush.

I will talk about theater to basically anyone that will listen.

Recently I was having a conversation at work the with 2 coworkers of mine. One has very similar ideas of the future for theater as I do. And one knows nothing about theater.

I forget what started the conversation but we got to the point of how I, Christina Peña, need to play Tracy Turnblad soon because I am getting too old...

That’s right at 25, I am too old.

But that isn’t even the point of this blog.

We were talking about what the casting process looked like. I told them about the time there was tape on the door and if you were taller then the taped they didn’t even let you sing. I told them about the time I was told I was too womanly to play the role. And also about the time where I wasn’t fat enough to play the role.

These are real stories about what auditioners have said to me.

My coworker, who does know that much about theater, turned to me and said “They are allowed to say that to you?”

I had to respond “Yes.”

It made me go into a downward spiral about what we put ourselves through as actors just in hopes of a job.

I would never let someone on the street talk to me like that.

Or at a job interview.

Or even by someone I look up to.

We as actors are trained that we are just the last piece to some huge puzzle. That we are just there to do a job.

But people should not be allowed to speak to us like this.

Why is it okay? Because we let it be.

We shouldn’t let someone’s opinions define us. Let's take control of the narrative.

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