• Christina Peña

What If You Broke The Bubble?

Safe. What does that truly mean? Is safety based on what is happening around you? Is safety what is happening to you? What makes you feel safe?

My mom used to tell me about stranger danger when I was young. So I always associated danger with the said strangers. They were the ones that could cause me pain. They were the ones that could penetrate my bubble of safety.

The idea that I would break the bubble never passed my mind.

Safety is important, believe me. You deserve to feel safe. But if you are like me safety only comes in certain forms. My childhood bed with my favorite furry grey blanket. Or being surrounded by my best friends watching Hocus Pocus. Or anywhere I can get a Diet Coke. Safety to me is an atmosphere created by the items that bring me joy.

I am currently unpacking my boxes from my NYC apartment here in California. There are memories around every corner. From failed relationships to books I bought but never intended to read. There is always this moment when I pick something up out of a box and can’t even decide if it’s mine or a roommate’s from 3 years ago. As someone who feels safe around Items of my own this is a no bueno.

I hide behind feeling safe. I think most of us do. We don’t push because we don’t know what will break the bubble. What could push us to the point of feeling unsafe? But what if that wasn’t it at all? What if we reframed and said what makes you feel adventurous or alive.

I have recently realized that I do my best work when I feel unsafe. Because I have reframed. If I wanted to feel safe I would be an accountant but instead I am here. I am writing my personal thoughts on the internet for all to see. I am an activist that pushes for what I feel is right, no matter what it costs me. I am an artist who just wants to create and at this moment sometimes that means putting my life at risk. Doesn’t sound safe does it?

Back to the idea of us breaking our own bubbles. I think this is where the reframe comes in. Instead of a stranger breaking our bubble, What if we simply got out the needle and popped it ourselves? Feeling safe is about being protected from danger or risk. It is about being in control. I don’t know about you but letting go of control is one of my worst traits. It is probably why I get labeled as difficult. I think it also makes me a great leader. Because I don’t want to let go, if you risk everything, so will I. I will make sure you feel supported to take the risk. To feel unsafe.

I don’t really know where this is all going today but the next time you think about feeling safe just imagine what little it might cost you to just be dangerous and exposed. How might that affect the work or art you create?

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