• Christina Peña

Where Do I Belong?

I have spent a long time in the shadows when it comes to talking about ethnicity because I have never entirely known the true, full story.

On my mother’s side, I can trace back some of my family members to when and how they got to America. On my father’s side, it’s not that simple. I have some trust issues with what I am told about my background.

I am told I am not Latinx enough.

I am too White.

I am not the right color to be either.

There is a voice inside my head that has always given in to what people have said about me. And recently I decided to confront them head on.

I forced my lovely brother to take a DNA test. (Fun Fact! Men get more results.) I got my results and I got scared. I didn’t want to know if what I had been preaching, and connecting with others was going to be real. BUT I have the best brother who forced me to confront my fears.

Guess what?

Besides truly being 100% that bitch. I am exactly what I thought! And more.

When I present myself to the world I hear that voice in my head that I am not. She is quite strong and persistent. These results are a way for me to say “Hey! Look! You are this and you deserve to be in this discussion.”

So here are my new statements:

I am Latinx.

I am European.

I am Native American.

I am a bunch of random cultures that I would love to learn more about.

But most importantly, I am me!

If you are like me, just know that you are allowed to identify how you want. You decide the narrative.

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