• Christina Peña

Make a Choice.

“My name is Christina and I care about what people think.” 

I am personally a confident, strong willed, opinionated, emotional woman. I talk openly about what scares me. I listen when others need help. I try to be the best me I can be. And it’s still hard not to get caught up in others opinions.

In the Theater world, we as artist are constantly seeking approval of others. Whether it be seeking friend’s advice on a self-tape, a respond to a reach-out email, or booking the job you always wanted. 

But what if we stopped.

What if the first and only opinion we believed in was our own. Why must we conform and make choices about our lives based on others OPINIONS? They aren’t god or some higher power that is going to give us a career.

I’m not saying that your community doesn’t have your best interest at heart, but in the end, it needs to be your voice that you listen to.

It has taken me a long time to come to terms with hearing other people’s opinions of me. But let me tell you. You can’t say anything to me that the voice in my head hasn’t already said.

By taking back the power to create your own narrative, you get to choose the stories you tell.

If you want to wear PJs to an audition, do it!

If you want to change the gender of a role, do it!

If you want to sing a song about love, do it!

If you want to write a blog, do it!

I can tell you that sometimes it will be hard but is being an artist ever easy? The choices you make in this life are yours.

What if it doesn’t work? What if I made the wrong choice?

Then you wake up tomorrow and start over. It’s your choice to make.

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